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November 11, 2016


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Prof. Jürgen Znotka
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Neidenburger Str. 43
D - 45877 Gelsenkirchen
[Westfälische Gelsenkirchen] [F&E-Schwerpunkt Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung]
[International Software Engineering] [14. Norddeutsches Kolloquium für Informatik an Fachhochschulen]

MAS (MultiAgent Systems)



JOpenArena is a playgrond for multi agents, who do compete about space and food in a virtual environemnt. It is written in Java and consists of a blackboard architecture for the agents and an MVC architecture for the visible parts of the system.

MAS for scheduling problems

In the area of information systems Multi-Agent-Systems (MAS) will be integrated as a special part in future. In one of the projects a MAS was integrated in a time table system for schools or universities. Lectures have to be planned under certain limitations and objects like professores, rooms, student groups, and equipment. The time table system consists of an information system developed with modern software engineering architectures (blackboard for the integrated MAS and MVC for the visible parts of the systems), and the MAS kernel.

MAS for matching problems

Matching different sets of objects, where each objects of at least one side has special interests and goals, is for large sets a difficult task. MAS provide proper solutions.