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January 17, 2011

"International Software Engineering" will start every semester, each September and each March.

Application deadlines are the end of August and the end of February, respectively.

Prof. Jürgen Znotka
Tel +49 209 9596 444
Fax +49 209 9596 460

Neidenburger Str. 43
D - 45877 Gelsenkirchen
[F&E-Schwerpunkt Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung]

International Software Engineering

Meet the challenges of the future


The objective of the two year Master in International Software Engineering is to educate software engineers to meet the requirements of today's international software practice. The programme is represented by the following highlights:

The Master in International Software Engineering will meet the challenges of today’s software development by educating software developers in advanced software engineering concepts that covers the entire development cycle, from the business management perspective to the technical management and the development perspectives. Especially the four main topics of Software Engineering sensu lato are covered:

  • Software Engineering (sensu stricto)

  • Database Systems

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Human Computer Interaction

The programme spans two years and is organised around a set of mandatory and optional courses. The mandatory courses, all within the four main topics of Software Engineering,  provide a broad basis and cover several advanced topics, which the software engineering industry currently requires. The optional courses enable you to specialise within a specific area of software development like Computer Graphics, Mobile Networks, or Embedded Systems.