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January 17, 2011

"International Software Engineering" will start every semester, each September and each March.

Application deadlines are the end of August and the end of February, respectively.

Prof. Jürgen Znotka
Tel +49 209 9596 444
Fax +49 209 9596 460

Neidenburger Str. 43
D - 45877 Gelsenkirchen
[F&E-Schwerpunkt Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung]

International Software Engineering

Curriculm / Course Structure


The education is focused on the following four central topics of modern Software Engineering (sensu lato):

  • Software Engineering (sensu stricto)

  • Database Systems

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Human Computer Interaction

The courses take place in Gelsenkirchen (first and second semester) and abroad in the third semester. The master thesis is done in the fourth semester in Gelsenkirchen or abroad.

For foreign students it is the other way round: first and second semester at their home university and third semester in Gelsenkirchen.

Practice orientation:

The education in the planned course of studies is laid out in such a way that practice plays an important role. First of all the lectures are accompanied by exercises, which require the practical application of the concepts and techniques. Secondly the curriculum contains two practice projects, which will be done in student teams.


The following courses are regularly offered in the ISE programme for students starting this course in Gelsenkirchen:

1. term, winter semester term, September till February:

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Non-Standard Database Systems

  • Computer Science and Society (Seminar)

  • Language Course 1

  • one or two more courses can be choosen freely, e.g. Mobile Networks, Embedded Systems or Computer Graphics (optional)

2. term, summer semester term, March till July:

  • Software Engineering

  • Interactive Systems / Human-Computer-Interaction

  • Project 1 which includes Soft Skills and Software Engineering knowledge

  • Language course 2

  • Software Engineering Master Seminar

3. term , August till February, abroad:

  • Software Engineering (sensu stricto) course

  • Software Engineering (sensu lato) course

  • Project 2 which includes Soft Skills and Software Engineering knowledge

  • Language 3

  • one more course can be chosen freely depending on the courses offered at the university abroad

4. term:

  • Master thesis